Horsenality Profile and Do's & Don'ts

Horsenality Profile:

Following is a PDF file containing the Horsenality Profile Worksheet that has been developed by Parelli Natural Horsemanship:

I highly recommend that you fill out this profile initially on your horse and update it every 3 to 6 months, depending on how much time you spend with your horse!  For example: if you are taking weekly lessons, then you should expect changes in your horse more rapidly, and updating your horse's profile every 3 months would be appropriate...

To fill out the profile, place a dot in each pie segment that is appropriate for your horse.  Rate this attribute as Mild, Moderate, or Extreme, and place the dot on the associated band within the attribute's pie segment.  Not all attributes will apply to your horse, so if it doesn't apply to your horse, don't place a dot in this pie segment...

Once you have completed the profile on your horse, you should see a grouping of Extreme or Moderate attributes in one or possibly two quadrants, however, normally one quadrant will have slightly more Extreme and Moderate attributes.  From this, you should be able to identify your horse's primary Horsenality (RBE, RBI, LBI, or LBE).

Once you have identified your horse's primary Horsenality, take a look at the Do's and Don'ts (below) for your horse's Horsenality.  These will give you an idea of the best motivational techniques to use when playing with your horse!  Obviously your goal will be to use these techniques to try to reduce the more negative attributes of your horse within their individual Horsenality!

Horsenality Do's and Don'ts:

Following are links to pages that identify the things that motivate your horse and don't motivate your horse based on their individual or primary Horsenality:

Obviously, should you have any questions about your horse's Horsenality or the Do's & Don'ts associated with it's Horsenality, feel free to contact me or ask me at our next lesson!!!



Updated:   February 05, 2014

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